Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside? - ​​​Hz Shams Tabrizi
Rahat Healings is an urban retreat, where you can take time for yourself to meditate, rejuvenate, un-learn, re-learn, and find harmony. Drop by to experience our free guided meditation, take a class with our certified & experienced teachers and healers.

No matter what you are going through in life, simply find a bit of happiness and positivity to make your day.

  1. Arun Raghavan, Dubai
    Arun Raghavan, Dubai
    I was surprised with the immediate results of thetahealing. i feel more relaxed and able to take things as it comes without worrying much . My life has become better. Erfan is a very friendly person with lot of support and care. I really admire him. I am in love with the technique and the results I witness everyday in myself.
  2. Aswin, Dubai
    Aswin, Dubai
    I took a ThetaHealing by Erfan; a very helpful and strongly positive person. The session was very interesting. He talked about the underlying ways in which we are shaped, how things form and why. I found it very much relating to daily life and what is possible with the guidance. I did feel the difference, change in energy before and after the session. I suggest the reader to go for a session and see what is possible or what can occur to you, to find out, to be open to things and things will shift for you with his help. Appreciate deeply his efforts.
  3. Sana Fatima, Hyderabad
    Sana Fatima, Hyderabad
    I was burdened with a lot of troubles in my life. After many unsuccessful efforts, i came across ThetaHealing. At first, I did not believe that it would help me. But immediately after the first healing session, i could feel the difference within me. These healings helped me let go of my thoughts lingering in my past and have grounded me to help me focus on the issues I really need to deal with. Now i feel much lighter, happier and not stressed easily. Thank you for helping me to achieve fastest results in my most crucial times. Ahmedunisa, you are an excellent Healer. I deeply appreciate and have the utmost reverence for you. You have been incredibly patient while working through all my negative beliefs and blocks. I have a changed life and behaviour and am enriched by your whole-hearted commitment to healing. Keep up the amazing ThetaHealing work!​​​​​​​ With much gratitude.
  4. Faisal Khan, Dubai
    Faisal Khan, Dubai
    I am really thankful for the ThetaHealing session experience conducted by you. I am now aware of something which gives instant healing. I am implementing your guidance of positivity as my daily routine habit. I now see the effect of the session in my life a lot. You're doing great work, keep it up! Thank you for your Generosity and Inspiration.
  5. Syed Rizwan, Hyderabad
    Syed Rizwan, Hyderabad
    I attended the "Rediscover Yourself" Workshop conducted by Mrs. Ahmed Unisa Begum, and I effectively learned in one day what would usually take months. Now, I have a much better understanding of the bigger picture of myself. The instructor was able to simplify complex concepts to be understood by the entire audience. She was very helpful, approachable and encouraging. Great introductory course, covered a lot of ground. It gave me confidence to overcome my weakness and ability to realize my strength. Very clear presentation, well-structured and easy to understand in a very easy going atmosphere. Thank you all at Rahat Healings for organizing this seminar.

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